Apartment building, Salzkotten, Germany

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35% Energy Savings
Dry walls eliminates odours in laundry
allows for smaller combi boiler for heating

Project description

1978 apartment building with 7 units, total floor space 554m2

Energy consumption reduced from 161,000kWh/yr to 56,000kWh/yr
(2010 to 2016)

Due to the reduced heating energy demand, a much smaller heating system (combi boiler for hydronic heating) could be installed, accounting for additional savings.

Internal coating with MIG-ESP® resulted in 35% energy savings (adjusted for other measures taken, i.e. new heating system). Payback period was 2.7 years, compared to more than 50 years for traditional insulation.

The laundry (with 7 washing machines and dryers, as well as clothes lines) has dry walls and not the usual soapy smell.

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