German Lutheran Trinity Church, East Melbourne

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Special feature

Dry walls (after significant water damage)
brilliant colours (reflecting the light from lead windows)
significant improvement of indoor air quality

Project description

The Result:

  • Now breathable surface
  • Warmer walls
  • Air Quality (mould and musty odour is gone)
  • Brilliance of colours

Project Description:

The Lutheran Church, built in 1874 in East Melbourne, is an impressive, heritage listed bluestone building. A custom colour to match the original was used.

The Challenge:

The church had been in need of renovation – the internal paint had been bubbling and peeling off in a lot of places as the bluestone walls held a lot of moisture, which had seeped through to the surface, mould had started to appear, leaving a musty smell.

The Solution:

MIG –ESP active coating was chosen for it’s ability to actively dry the walls, eliminating the mould issue. The highly reflective walls are not only bright, but are much warmer and provide a better room climate. The musty smell is gone, very low VOCs and anti-microbial properties provide a healthier environment.

This has been the most cost effective solution as several challenges have been solved with a coat of MIG-ESP. As MIG Active Coating is moisture regulating, this is a durable solution.


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