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Sustainable applications for industry, commercial and residential use.

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Chromium (VI) Reduction

Industrial application for cement plants and dry mortar production worldwide.

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Active Coating

Energy saving coating that lowers energy bills and makes your home healthier.

Anti - Microbial Coating

> 99,99 % reduction of bacteria and viruses. For facilities with high hygiene standards

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Chromium (VI) Reduction

Our methods for chromate reduction are optimized for cement plants and dry mortar production
and are subject to constant testing and further development.

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Active exterior and interior coating

Being passionate about smart energy solutions, sustainable generation and effective use of energy.

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Anti - Microbial interior coating

This revolutionary coating enables surfaces to kill harmful germs by 99.99 %.


MIG-ESP® Active Coating

MIG-ESP® Exterior Coating System creates  a brilliant and durable facades for any building.

MIG-ESP® Interior Coating System optimises energy balance, creating healthy indoor climate for living and working spaces

Cr6+ – Chromium (VI) Reduction

  • For cement plants and dry mortar plants
  • Healthier and greener cement
  • Certified and Tested

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