ToHa Building, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Special feature

MIG-ESP® Exterior instead of mineral wool
construcion time reduced by 2.5 months
bright and long lasting
No discolouration

Project description

The ToHa Building in Tel Aviv, Israel is a mind-blowing structure, designed by architects Ron Arad and Asa Bruno. The design and the quality of the execution makes it one of the most desired work places in Tel Aviv.

The use of high-tech, including the use of MIG-ESP coating and the special green approach of Arad and Asa, awarded Arad’s architecture studio with international recognition and a LEED platinum certification.

for more information please see the ToHa website: ToHa Building (

MIG-ESP Exterior replaced mineral wool as insulator, achieving very low heat transfer and saving time and money during installation. The ease and simplicity saved 2.5 months in construction time. At the same time MIG-ESP Exterior provides a long lasting surface with brilliant colours.



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