MIG-ESP® Exterior

MIG-ESP® Exterior is a heat reflective and non-combustible external wall coating that provides façades with an insulated, water-resistant and durable finish. Based on the patent pending DHMb® (Double Hybrid Membrane) technology, a breathable membrane system that reflects thermal radiation and regulates moisture, the coating controls heat transfer by rejecting exterior heat while tackling excess humidity, leading to reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to the water-repellent technology, surfaces coated with MIG-ESP® Exterior are free from dirt, mould and algae. Its excellent resistance to UV and weather influences ensures optimal protection for building façades.

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    Product features

    • Natural heating and cooling control through infrared reflection
    • Non-flammable – building material class A2
    • Bright facades through light reflection
    • Improves the durability of facades through UV-reflection
    • Natural prevention against mould and algae
    • Recommended for ecological, energy efficient renovation
    • CO² emissions reduction

    Product Description

    MIG-ESP®Exterior is classified as a non-combustible material in accordance with DIN 4102-16.

    MIG-ESP® Exterior can be applied with paint rollers, brushes or spraying units.

    MIG-ESP® Exterior can be used with an appropriate primer on a variety of substrates in the entire outdoor area. It is the finish coat for the MIG plastering mortars Therm M 65 and MIG 262. It can also be used as a coating on all load-bearing substrates and on old and new insulation facades.

    The MIG-ESP® – colour chart offers a wide range of colour choices.


    Depending on the type and porosity of the substrate, approx. 0.4 l/m² with two coats on smooth surfaces.

    Rough, structured or highly absorbent surfaces can significantly increase consumption. Exact consumption quantities can be determined by creating test areas.


    MIG-ESP® Exterior is covered by a 10-year quality warranty.  This warranty applies exclusively to the product applied to the surfaces by professional painters and not to the related services in compliance with our warranty conditions.

    This manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to the Consumer Guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. It does not limit or replace them.


    5 / 15 l plastic buckets
    1,000 l IBC

    To access the Technical Data Sheet


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    MIG-ESP® colour chart

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    UV Test Report 130608 EN

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    MIG-ESP Exterior fire behaviour test A2

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    Examples from our references where this product was used.


    Apartment house in Zaragoza, Spain

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