MIG-ESP® Active Coating System is an Intelligent Coating Technology developed by MIG Material Innovative Gesellschaft mbH in Germany.

It is a sustainable material, suitable for interior and exterior application. It is heat reflective and -more importantly- moisture regulating. I saves energy and keeps coated structures dry and healthy.

MIG-ESP® active coating  keeps our living space cool in summer and warm in winter – in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. As a matter of fact - up to 40% of energy consumption will be reduced through reflection of thermal radiation -UV and IR- and moisture control by reducing heat conduction.

By applying MIG Technology, substantial long-term maintenance cost savings will be achieved.

The heat-reflective and moisture regulating properties of MIG-ESP® are unique and based on  the Double Hybrid Membrane DHMb® technology,

The DHMb® Technology tackles moisture at the root by keeping  surfaces dry, which in turn prevents energy loss and the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould.

MIG-ESP® is non-toxic, VOC-free, odourless and non flammable. It is therefore safe for all within living and working spaces, as well as the planet.

MIG-ESP® sustainable Interior and Exterior coating systems are easy to apply on any substrate and ideally suited for any building where health, safety and energy efficiency is a priority, e.g. Health, Aged Care & Child Care, Educational & Leisure & Residential Homes either new build or renovation.

MIG is a solution for the four major problems & cost factors of any building structure.

Through MIG heat reflective, breathable and hydrophobic coating the major problem factors for any building structures are solved.

Heat icon


energy loss - ongoing cost factor/ reduced by up to 40%

dust icon


dirt buildup – deterioration/maintenance costs reduced

moisture icon


germs, mould &fungus buildup = deterioration/maintenance costs eliminated


MIG-ESP® Exterior Coating System

creates brilliant and durable facades for any structure


MIG-ESP® Interior Coating System

optimises the temperature balance, creating healthy indoor climate for living spaces

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