MIG-ESP® Rooflect

MIG-ESP® Rooflect is a heat reflective roof coating with excellent weather-proof and fire-resistant properties. Based on the patent pending DHMb® (Double Hybrid Membrane) technology, a breathable membrane system that reflects thermal radiation and regulates moisture, the coating prevents heat gain through the roof by reflecting over 90% UV radiation while eliminating the possibility of further heat conduction through moisture control. This in turn means a significant reduction in energy costs. Its water-repellent characteristic helps keep biological organisms like mould, algae and moss from growing on the roof. The superior resistance to weather and fire offers optimal protection for buildings even in harsh environments.

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    Product Features

    • Reduces cooling and heating energy consumption through high UV reflection and minimising moisture content in the roof assembly
    • Increases thermal comfort for building occupants
    • Non-flammable – building material class A2
    • Extends service life of the roof
    • Natural prevention against mould, algae, moss and other biological growth
    • Recommended for ecological, energy efficient renovation
    • CO² emissions reduction

    Product Description

    MIG-ESP® Rooflect can be applied with paint rollers, brushes or spraying units.

    MIG-ESP® Rooflect is the finish coat for the MIG plastering mortars Therm M 65 and MIG 262. Not requiring roof tear-off or replacement prior to application, MIG-ESP® Rooflect can be applied over finished roofs, old and new, together with its accompanying primer MIG-ESP® Rooflect Primer on a variety of roof substrates in the entire outdoor area.

    MIG-ESP® Rooflect must not be used on surfaces submerged in water for a long time. The gradient must be at least 2%.

    The MIG-ESP® – colour chart offers a wide range of colour choices.


    Depending on the type and porosity of the substrate, approx. 0.2 – 0.3 l/m² with a single coat of paint.

    Rough, structured or highly absorbent surfaces can significantly increase consumption. Exact consumption quantities can be determined by creating test areas.


    5 / 15 l plastic buckets
    1,000 l IBC


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    Examples from our references where this product was used.

    Chisholm Institute, Dandenong 1

    Chisholm Institute, Dandenong, Vic


    Community Rooms, East Melbourne, Vic


    Apartment East Melbourne


    1 Hoddle Street, Richmond, Vic

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